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“Working with Greg Blake Miller and Olympian Creative is pure excitement. Greg has an electric energy that is infectious; he moves away from the conventional, challenges the mundane and inspires creative thinking.”

— Randy Lavigne, Hon. AIA,Executive Director,
American Institute of Architects Nevada and AIA Las Vegas

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Champion Your Creativity


At Olympian Creative, we mentor critical thinkers, community leaders and creative professionals, helping them nurture their gifts, develop their ideas and maximize the power of their projects.


Seeing Is Believing


When you create an effective narrative, you are inviting your audience to see what you see. Your characters—whether real or fictional—act and dream; they strive and stumble and occasionally triumph. They draw audience members into their world, subtly revealing its atmosphere, ironies and insights. As a storyteller, you are creating a powerful, immersive experience.

But great storytelling—the kind that moves an audience, provokes thought and refuses to be forgotten—is challenging. Even experienced communicators know that it’s helpful to have a partner in the process. Drawing on more than two decades of experience as a writing professor, editor, and author, Olympian Creative director Greg Blake Miller, Ph.D., CPLC, will help you harness your creativity and develop powerful, meaningful narratives. At individual or group sessions, he’ll work with you on creating effective structure, memorable characters, compelling action and impactful ideas. You’ll discover fresh insights, innovative approaches and growing confidence.

Whether you’re writing a book, crafting a company narrative or simply looking to grow as a creative communicator, our dialogue-based method will help you sharpen your vision, find your story and achieve your goals.

“Greg Blake Miller helped me think through the structure and storyline of my documentary film about Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, a project that would not be half as good had Greg not been there to offer his unique angle of vision and generous spirit … Now I can’t imagine doing a film or any project without Greg being by my side.”

– Kerry Candaele, Director, Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven’s Final Symphony, part of the documentary film trilogy Beethoven | Hero.


Observe • Connect • Structure

 At Olympian Creative, you’ll master the indispensable steps in the creative process:

CityCenter Window• Close observation | The art of seeing and listening
• Idea generation Discovery through dialogue
• Connection with the wider culture Finding the “now”
• Narrative development Characters and challenges 
• Structure and presentation Clarity, openness and elegance
 Follow-through Finishing what you start

When you train with Olympian Creative, each session is customized to your needs and creative goals. We’ll help you take stock of your challenges and opportunities, break through conventional thinking, and respond to an ever-changing environment with confidence and originality. As your work continues, you’ll discover fresh insights, organize them effectively, and communicate them with style and passion. We’ll help you find your edge in the world—your own “creative genome”—and make it active in your work, your life and your community.

Greg’s work has been akin to that of a patient gardener: tilling the earth by challenging accepted conventions, sowing creative analysis, watering the soil with inspiration and encouragement and finally helping us reap the harvest of clear and creative messaging and a vibrant company culture.

— Eric Roberts, AIA, Director, SH Architecture


Dialogue Designed for Success
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Olympian Creative director Greg Blake Miller, Ph.D. CPLC, is an award-winning teacher, editor, writer, and communication specialist. He has taught at the University of Oregon and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and has worked with creative professionals in print and on film, on stage and online. He offers one-on-one coaching, group workshops, and special training events.

In your first meeting, Dr. Miller will listen to your priorities, inventory your goals and evaluate steps you have already taken. He will then work with you to develop a plan for personalized mentoring and project development. Some clients work with us on  short-term packages to complete specific tasks. Others choose longer-term engagement for continuing personal and professional development. We also work with companies to craft narrative strategies, mentor employees and facilitate creative discussion. Whichever program you choose, you can be confident that when you train with Olympian Creative, you’ll find a partner dedicated to your creative growth.

Please take a moment to look at our client testimonials and think about how we can help you achieve your goals.  The majority of our current clients are in Southern Nevada and Southern California, but we are available to work with clients across the West. To learn more, please leave a reply in the contact box below. We look forward to working with you!

Customized mentoring for unconventional thinkers.


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