Training With Olympian Creative

At Olympian Creative, you’ll form a powerful partnership dedicated to your creative growth. We’ll help you shape enduring creative habits—and projects that will make you proud.

We’ll help you zero in on the story you’re trying to tell. It seems simple enough, but the hardest part of storytelling is deciding what the story really is. What is your vision—your passion—and how can you convey it with clarity and beauty? Each story—whether it’s a novel, a memoir or a business history—has a core that keeps it balanced and buoyant amid change and complications. We’ll help you discover the ideas, values, characters and events at the heart of your narrative.

• We’ll help you explore more broadly.  You’ll investigate your own dialogue with the world: Is it open or closed—determinate or indeterminate? Are you allowing the observed world, in all its unpredictability, to enrich your creative perspective? We’ll help you train yourself to look closer, notice the things that slip by, and build new value into the stories you tell.

We’ll help you find new ways to structure your creative approach—to make vibrant order out of free-roaming inspiration.

• And we’ll help you master the fine art of completion. In project-based coaching sessions, you will discover realistic, step-by-step approaches to not only doing your best work, but completing it.

Schedule a free introductory session today!

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